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Below are a selection of the most curious encounters of the journey:

1) It’s cribbage, not qudditch, Harry! Alnwick Castle @ Northumberland

2) A 28 hand @ Sussex

3) A board crafted in wartime Egypt @ Bedfordshire

4) No women allowed @ Durham

5) Kings Cribbage in prison @ Dorset

6) The Shropshire Union Canal @ Shropshire

7) The 5 Counties Spice Indian restaurant @ Warwickshire

8) Playing the High Sheriff of Rutland @ Rutland

9) The Cribbage Guesthouse @ Cornwall

10) Playing a Suckling @ Cumberland

It should be noted that there are other gems amongst the list. I haven’t even included my game vs. a cribbage gold medalist or the day I met an avid cribbage board collector who’d had to start his own club. Not to mention the dramatic finale at Suckling House! You’ll have to dig into the wider blog to find these, and many many more.

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